As mentioned in Meeting Professionals International 2006 Future Watch, “While many organizations fully outsource their meetings function to intermediaries, survey indicators show a large percentage of intermediaries are also working in concert with an existing meeting function.” 

Our goal is to find you a property that meets your needs, exceeds your attendee’s expectations and fits your budget.  In today’s “seller’s market”, it’s important to arm yourself with as much information and leverage as you can when negotiating hotel contracts.  The Moreland Group, LLC specializes in this particular piece of planning by utilizing our portfolio of business, hotel experience, relationships with hoteliers and up to date knowledge of the meeting, conference and event industry. 

We offer boutique style service designed with flexibility in mind in order to focus on your one of a kind conference needs.

We have national contacts with hotel chains and independent resorts globally.  Because we represent so many meetings each year, each one assigns a specific person to manage our account.  As a result, we are offered exclusive deals, packages and rates.

With our experience both on the hotel side of the wall as well as the planning side we know when to push and when to give.  Tapping in to our experience allows you to get the most fair and equitable offer from the property you selected.  Along the way, you stay very involved and continue to have final approval.

Once you sign the contract we connect you with your hotel contact and you begin planning your event.  For this service, hotel site selection, there is no charge to the organization.  We negotiate a placement fee from the hotel based on the total overnight room revenue generated by your group room block. 

 Here’s how it works:

  • A letter of designation is signed
  • Working with your designee, we establish criteria for your event
  • Research potential properties
  • Gather preliminary rates and availability
  • Present a rate grid
  • Coordinate site inspections
  • Negotiate contract

Keep in mind there are several variables that set rates and contract terms.  So, we recommend you start early, consider multiple year commitments, stay flexible on dates, patterns and locations, and use a professional like The Moreland Group, LLC to navigate through the very tricky and ever changing world of contract negotiations. You’ll save valuable time and money.

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